Why VIPs Are Fond Of InList

Article reference: http://www.maxim.com/maxim-man/clubs/article/future-bottle-service

Until a year ago Capponi had never set foot in Haiti. A devoted surfer, he was more acquainted with the well-known resorts nearby in the Dominican Republic, where he got a kick out of the chance to go for the waves.

It can be stressful being a person of high importance. Those acquainted with such individuals notice they are always weary, and conversationally short. One of the reasons for this is that when one occupies a position of high authority, there are always others trying to capitalize from their success. People call day and night, they constantly send letters, and walking in the street can be a real hassle. There isn’t time in the day to sign every autograph, or listen to every story, or give every individual every bit of time that was previously free. But many VIPs tend to deal with this–in the day. At night, though…that’s the time to let loose! To be free, unencumbered, and happy. But if everywhere a person goes, they are recognized, how can they truly lose themselves?

That’s where Michael Capponi‘s revolutionary new app InList comes in. With a two=finger pulse on the nightlife of the hottest cities across the planet; places like New York and Miami–and many others; twenty-two, all told!–it’s easy to find the best parties and get in without all the hoopla. Let the cares of the day fade away with others from the same kind of place. Use InList.